Our Policies


The Limo Capacity contracted at reservation, is the number allowed to enter the vehicle. In the event of an accident or break down (due to weather or mechanical difficulty), we will make reasonable arrangements to replace same style, similar size rented or (multiple vehicles) to continue the contracted time. At this point, you do have the option to decline service and request an agreed refund in writing prior to the Chauffeur terminating the service.


  1. Fines:

    • $250.00 fine for smoking, NICOTINE burns, spills, or vomiting in the vehicle.
    • $500.00 fine for BREAKING operating systems / internal damage to vehicle.
    • $1,000.00 fine for external /exterior damage to vehicle.
    • $250.00 fine for the engagement of the Fifth Door & Emergency Exit Roof. The Fifth Door & Emergency exit roof should not be engaged unless an actual emergency occurs. This fine will be per occurence, and will be charged to the paying customer on file and/or parties involved.
  2. No firearms, dangerous weapons, or illegal drugs are permitted in the vehicle.
  3. No passenger may have any part of his/her body out of windows or sunroof while the vehicle is moving.
  4. For your safety, the window divider between the driver and passenger compartments must be down at all times.
  5. Consumption of alcohol in the vehicle is limited to adults of state-mandated legal age. If any person in the vehicle is a minor, no alcohol may be present for use by anyone. This may result in termination of the ride and no refund awarded.
  6. Consumption of food, appitizers or deserts of any kind in the vehicle is prohibited.
  7. If a customer chooses to direct driver during any charter, it becomes the customer’s total responsibility of the outcome, (We take no responsibilty for the outcome, if our preferred route was declined by a customer). We do provide a 20 Min Interval (Break) during tours, or any hourly charter, to gas up to continue our route.
  8. Customers are not allowed to rerent our limos during down time periods, such as Proms, Homecomings, Night on the town, or any event.
  9. Refusal to adhere to the driver’s request to pay the full fee in advance for initial service and/or extended service, fraudulent use of credit cards, absence of credit card for imprint, and absence of two forms of identification is not permitted.

Please Note: If any of the above policies are violated the driver can terminate service at any time. No refunds will be issued.